Fraser Springs, Book 1


CoverThe Scandalous Mrs. Wilson


Bored of writing a series of boys’ adventure novels, Owen Sterling comes to the tiny town of Fraser Springs in the spring of 1910, hoping for his big break as a journalist. Fraser Springs is famous both for its healing waters and the rumours swirling around Wilson’s Bathhouse, a run-down establishment that seems to hold dark secrets. Posing as an ailing banker, Sterling attempts to infiltrate the bathhouse and gain the evidence he needs for his story.

Jo Wilson has seen her share of tragedy. After the untimely deaths of her father and her husband, she is content to live a quiet life in Fraser Springs as the owner of Wilson’s. She’s determined to keep her business afloat, even if it means employing a scandalously all-female staff. But when her handsome new customer takes her in his arms, she is tempted by a passion she never thought herself capable of feeling.

As the controversy around Wilson’s Bathhouse takes a dangerous turn, Owen will have to choose between his budding career and his impossible, undeniable attraction to the bathhouse’s beautiful proprietress.

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Available November 20, 2017: Fraser Springs, Book 2

Ilsa’s book!


Ilsa Pederson escaped a difficult life in Vancouver for a fresh start in Fraser Springs. As Jo Sterling’s right-hand woman at Wilson’s Bathhouse, she has left all traces of her old life as a behind her. Or so she thinks. When a new doctor comes to town, Ilsa immediately recognizes Theodore Whitacre, the only child of a wealthy family who once employed her as a housemaid. The discovery of Ilsa and Theo’s teenaged romance ended with Ilsa tossed out onto the street without friends, family, or references. She’s a different person now: confident and street-smart. But seeing Theo again brings the unpleasant past rushing back.

Theo’s extremely sheltered upbringing as the heir to one of the leading families of Vancouver has left him self-conscious and stiff around strangers. A quiet spa town like Fraser Springs isn’t exactly the glamorous work an ambitious young doctor dreams of, and he’s shocked to see a familiar face in a backwater like this. He’s never forgotten Ilsa, but has she ever forgiven him for ruining her life? Despite their mutual awkwardness, Ilsa’s presence does somehow seem to make Fraser Springs bearable.

As the last snow melts that spring, a mysterious epidemic threatens the lives and livelihoods of the community. Theo can’t convince the town’s established doctor to listen to his warnings, so he and Ilsa wage a secret campaign to locate the source of the pathogen. As they become a dynamic team, sparks and confessions fly.

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