Book 2 of the Fraser Springs Series Is On the Way

Good news, everyone! The wait is almost over for the second book in the Fraser Springs series. The Infamous Miss Ilsa has a scheduled release date of December 6, just in time for the kind of cold weather that makes you want to curl up with a good book. Here’s the gist of it:

Ilsa Pederson escaped a difficult life in Vancouver for a fresh start in Fraser Springs. As Jo Sterling’s right-hand woman at Wilson’s Bathhouse, she has left all traces of her old life as a behind her. Or so she thinks. When a new doctor comes to town, Ilsa immediately recognizes Theodore Whitacre, the only child of a wealthy family who once employed her as a housemaid. The discovery of Ilsa and Theo’s teenaged romance ended with Ilsa tossed out onto the street without friends, family, or references. She’s a different person now: confident and street-smart. But seeing Theo again brings the unpleasant past rushing back.

Theo’s sheltered upbringing as the heir to one of the leading families of Vancouver has left him self-conscious and awkward around strangers. A quiet spa town like Fraser Springs isn’t exactly the glamorous work an ambitious young doctor dreams of, and he’s shocked to see a familiar face in a backwater like this. 

Before they can sort out their tangled feelings, a mysterious sickness threatens the lives and livelihoods of the community. As Theo and Ilsa wage a secret campaign to locate the source of the pathogen, sparks and confessions fly. Can they overcome the hurt in their past, and take a chance on a future together?

Stay tuned for covers, excerpts, and more!





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