Book 2 of the Fraser Springs Series Is On the Way

Good news, everyone! The wait is almost over for the second book in the Fraser Springs series. The Infamous Miss Ilsa has a scheduled release date of December 6, just in time for the kind of cold weather that makes you want to curl up with a good book. Here’s the gist of it:

Ilsa Pederson escaped a difficult life in Vancouver for a fresh start in Fraser Springs. As Jo Sterling’s right-hand woman at Wilson’s Bathhouse, she has left all traces of her old life as a behind her. Or so she thinks. When a new doctor comes to town, Ilsa immediately recognizes Theodore Whitacre, the only child of a wealthy family who once employed her as a housemaid. The discovery of Ilsa and Theo’s teenaged romance ended with Ilsa tossed out onto the street without friends, family, or references. She’s a different person now: confident and street-smart. But seeing Theo again brings the unpleasant past rushing back.

Theo’s sheltered upbringing as the heir to one of the leading families of Vancouver has left him self-conscious and awkward around strangers. A quiet spa town like Fraser Springs isn’t exactly the glamorous work an ambitious young doctor dreams of, and he’s shocked to see a familiar face in a backwater like this. 

Before they can sort out their tangled feelings, a mysterious sickness threatens the lives and livelihoods of the community. As Theo and Ilsa wage a secret campaign to locate the source of the pathogen, sparks and confessions fly. Can they overcome the hurt in their past, and take a chance on a future together?

Stay tuned for covers, excerpts, and more!





Bonus Content Launched

It’s been a week since The Scandalous Mrs. Wilson hit the shelves! To celebrate, we’ve decided to release a little bonus content. One of the hardest tasks a writer faces is deciding what to leave in and what to edit out of the final document. We were lucky to be able to draw on the advice of the eagle-eyed editors at Crimson Books, my agent, and the friends and family who read early drafts. (Thanks to all of you!)

There were definitely a few sections that we hated to let go, but that didn’t have a place in the final manuscript. In the literary community, this process is called “murdering your darlings.” So, here are a few darlings that we murdered in the revision process. If you’ve ever wanted to know what was in the letter to the editor that Mrs. McSheen wrote, or what article Owen published about Fraser Springs, check out our bonus content section.